Peanut Butter, Banana, & Honey Toast

In the past few weeks I’ve been really into honey. I love something sweet in the morning, but sugary cereals or breakfast pastries won’t provide me with the lasting energy I need for busy days. Honey is sweet because it is indeed sugary, but this sugar is unrefined and in it’s purest, most natural form that won’t cause dramatic energy highs and lows. In moderation, honey is the perfect way to sweeten your breakfast while still avoiding white sugars or the carcinogenics chemicals in zero-calorie sweeteners that are even worse. My favorite ways to use honey in the morning were pretty basic (in oatmeal, tea, and smoothies), until I discovered this glorious trifecta: peanut butter, banana, and honey toast. 
It’s not too hard to pop two slices of whole wheat bread in the toaster, which is good becasue I’m not good for much early in the morning. Whole wheat bread is the beast kind of carbs you can give your body because it contains every part of the grain kernel (hence the term WHOLE wheat). White bread is deficient of many key vitamins, nutrients, and minerals as a result of an intense refining process.

 Load up your toast in your peanut butter of choice. My go-to variety is Skippy natural which has significantly lower sugar and sodium than the original version, but I also love all of Peanut Butter & Co.’s crazy, all-natural flavors. If you have never heard of this brand, I suggest you head on over to their website and order yourself a jar of Dark Chocolate Dreams…you will never be the same. Peanuts, like any nut, contain heart healthy fats, protein, and fiber. These little guys will keep your heart beating and muscles strong.

 Now for my favorite kind of currency: banana coins! Layer some on top of your peanut butter to add to the nutrition of this meal. The banana makes this toast the perfect post-workout breakfast by replenishing your body with lost nutrients. Bananas are a great source of carbs to restore your energy, and their high potassium content will prevent cramps the next day.

Finally, drizzle on some honey! During the summer I usually try to use honey purchased at my local farmer’s market, but the cooler weather resulted in the purchase of this Trukish honey from Trader Joe’s, not too much of a sacrifice! Honey contains valuable antioxidants and can even make you less susceptible to allergies, all while satisfying your sweet tooth. Enjoy a breakfast that will keep you full all morning, and remember to BEE happy (I couldn’t help myself)!



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